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Dashboard Overview

iceleriate dashboard offers a host of tools that can conveniently be accessed through the top and left-hand navigation menu bar.

STEP 1: Log in to your iceleraite account.

STEP 2: This is the iceleriate user dashboard when you log in successfully.

The dashboard holds all features that enable you to start, grow and scale an agency business.

It consists of three main areas:-

The lefthand menu bar: It holds the 5 tools in Iceleriate

The top navigation bar: This is where you find quick links to navigate to iceleraite AI Tools, Reseller, Agency Clone,  Support, account settings, integration and log out.

The middle section: This is your work area, where you see a section that follows when you click a feature from the lefthand menu bar. For example, clicking on the agency menu will show the agency niche services in the middle section.

Iceleraite Features

Working with the Iceleriate dashboard is pretty simple. It provides cool features for the user to comfortably Start, Grow and Scale a profitable agency business


This is where you see onboarding videos, favorite gigs, video library, knowledgebase, and customer support.


This is where you see different agencies such as social media marketing agencies, video marketing agencies, chatbot agencies, content marketing agencies, and many more to kick-start your agency business.


This is where you get to see the different broadcast options such as the broadcast campaign, template, contact, sequence campaign, and opt-in form builder

Client Finder

This is where you get to search for clients using location and the keyword to help quicken your search.

There is a filter option as well.

You get to see recent searches, daily search limits and so more. You can click on the view button to view your searches.


This Client Management System is our in-built “Customer Relationship Management” system that enables you to easily track all communications, and nurture, and build long-lasting relationships with your agency leads and clients.

The Client Management System is structured to help you streamline sales, marketing efforts, customer service, accounting, and management.

Clicking on the BizFox icon takes you to the login page where you enter your login credentials and get access to Bizfox


This is where you learn how to run a successful and highly profitable business consultancy. You get to watch videos in the training section and get access to the certificate upon completion. And also get access to consultancy kits.

Updated on June 15, 2023

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