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How To Import Contact

Click on the options button of the Contact book page, and instantly, a drop-down menu of three buttons — import, export, and delete — will appear. Then click on “import”

Instantly, a modal form called import contact(CSV) will appear. First, download the sample CSV file to see how to organize the CSV file, by clicking the sample CSV button.

Select the tag in the Contact tag field of the modal form. Click on the Contact tag field and a drop-down menu of different contact tags will appear. From the drop-down menu, select contact tag. Of course, you can select multiple contact tags.

Then you have to upload a CSV file of the contacts you want to import. Upload a CSV file by clicking on the “import contact” button.

Then click on the import contact” button of the modal form

Instantly, a successful message will appear. Then click on the cross button and the modal form will disappear.

And you will see that the contacts have been added to the contact list

Updated on May 31, 2023

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